Summer Fashion Tips You Need to Know

April 15, 2017 makeup


In addition to rising temperatures and weekend trips, summer comes with an urge to shop. It is simply because of the continuous change in the trends and fashion that no one would like to wear last year’s outfits. Here are some summer and spring beauty and fashion tips you need to know to look trendy and classy in this scorching weather.

Use Light Makeup

In summer days, you cannot use hard makeup on your skin. Not only you would look horrible but also the sweat will make it difficult to get a touch up again and again. It is better to use light make up and shades to look perfectly glowing in the summers. If you are looking for light makeup shades at affordable prices, try using these Sephora Coupons

Stained Lips



Stained lips, according to experts look sexy as well as stylish. Not only women find them nice but men also find them sexy and attractive. You can use colorburst lipsticks for this purpose to flaunt your lips in the dry hot weather. To make your lips look stained, use dark color on the center of the lip and blending outward with fingertips. Keep in mind that the color should be darkest at the center of the lip and fade outward.

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Bold Brows

The trend of bold brows started in 2012 on the runways of Donna Karan. In this summer, stop plucking your brows and let them grow for some time to get bolder brows. Once your brows start growing, start using a powder like Smashbox Brow Tech Palette to fill the gaps. You can also get some Nordstrom coupons for this purpose and get the Brow Tech Palette at affordable prices to exhibit your beautiful brows.

Darker Eyes

Also referred to as smoky eyes, this is a trend to look out for even in this season. This look, which is an interesting departure from the dramatic eye and subtle lip combo, is particularly popular on the red carpet and has been seen on celebs like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Rihanna. You can find eye shades at SkinStore.

These are some beauty and fashion tips to use this summer. Summer and spring are two of the best seasons where you can flaunt your beauty openly. That is why you should stand out among the crowd and be the queen of your own heart. It is important to use the right products and when they come at the best prices with coupons, there is nothing denying the fact that you will look prettier.

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  • hotintown April 15, 20177:49 am

    Do you have some coupons for victorias secret? Want to buy some hot things for this summer.

  • jessica April 19, 20177:16 pm

    Do you have some good summer tips and deals for clothing, beach wear or something.

  • beauty freak April 26, 20174:25 am

    nice read, but one thing i would like to add is to make your cheek bones appear higher, use bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the cheekbone, and don’t forget to blend

    • rhene April 27, 20175:15 pm

      Completely agree, highlighter on the cheekbone looks sexy. my boyfriend loves it when i do that.


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