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April 26, 2017 fashion


It is such a relief when we finally get to see the colder weather disappear while spring and summer seasons starts getting closer and closer. Indeed, sunshine makes anyone happy, but with it comes the unavoidable demand to change one’s wardrobe to suit the climate.

Personally, I love the spring weather, and I enjoy absolutely nothing more than packing my winter clothing away, locking those thick coats out of sight and shoving those gloves in a box in the hope that I won’t be using them for a while! Although the thought of refreshing your wardrobe give birth to a really perky feeling, at the same time, it can also be a bit of a pain to keep up with it everything.

Everything like, what is suitable for this summer? Have the trends changed? Are there items I should or shouldn’t be wearing? These are of course some of the questions running through the minds of a whole lot of women out there and understandably so; a new season calls for change after all.

bebe-cutout-dressWhen it comes to women’s fashion, in order to stay in the fashion of the season, you have to watch each season’s runway design, observing every bit of clothing from dresses to bras, shoes and even handbags. With this, you can make sure that you are current and up-to-date.

Our tip will be bordering on the trends and where to go grab them, and currently, there is a fashion obsession with “Single shoulder cutouts” as this trend keeps manifesting itself in strategically placed cutouts this season. You can find this outstanding style and others at bebe

Another thing that you’ll definitely need in your closet this spring are some floral prints, now don’t mistake this to the large floral prints that make someone look like drapes. I’m talking about floral prints that are small and detailed, with the flowers appearing more like prints. See them at online shops like Coach and American Eagle.floral-dress-ae

Next tip for the trending style still season is the “seaside stripes.” This is a whole new level of strips, ripped from beach umbrellas and weathered lounge chairs, this major stripe trend just happen to fit right for the spring. Take a look at the great selection of women’s attire at Macy’s and select this, it’s a trend that’ll clearly suit you.

Now go ahead and update your spring wardrobe, so you are prepared to step out your door into the breezy fresh air of spring. Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, as well as those mentioned above, are now well stocked with dresses that suit the trend.

Toss in a few ideas for combination while shopping at these stores, and you’ll have a look that will make you pop out to anyone walking by on the street. Rock on some boots, and you’ll be just about as close to the runway as you can get while strolling through your daily routine.

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  • Jessica April 27, 20175:12 pm

    what is going to be in for swim this year? Something you think VS or Aerie has hot for swim.

  • trishla May 4, 20176:15 am

    Do you have some coupons for Nordstrom. they have some cool vibrant colors for this summer. or any other place where i can get summer clothing.


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